Thursday, 8 October 2009


Pretty, crystal, blue with little pink hearts.

Has anyone else noticed how recent perfume bottles appear to be getting more elaborate looking?
I personally, love walking through the perfume isles in Debenhams, taking in all the fancy, ornate bottles and smelling all the different scents. I find myself, like a moth to the flame, reaching for the bottles that are pleasing to the eye. Somehow, with a connection in mind, that if it looks so pretty and feminine, it must smell divine also!
Oh - how I am wrong sometimes!!
Many times I have taken a deep intake of a breath through my delicate nostrils, to be slapped in the face with a horrific waft of nastiness! I pull a face and promptly return the bottle to its shelf and move on.
I am also, often surprised by the sweet and pleasant smells that come out of the very plain and simple looking bottles.
How we can see this happening  in life sometimes. So often we see people who are very attractive in their external features. They are well dressed, well spoken & well presented individuals. But, sometimes what comes out of their hearts can smack us in the face, like a nasty smell!
Outward appearances are not always a key to the internal heart of a man.

2 corinthians 4:7
We now, have this light shining in our hearts, but we are like fragile clay pots, containing this great treasure.

As you go about your week, keep this thought in mind. Do not judge those around you or make assumptions on what they are like , by their external appearances. Take a moment to remember the perfume isle. Appearances are often deceiving. Take the time to look within, to take a waft of the beautiful scents of peoples spirits & hearts. Look at them with Gods eyes. The greatest treasures can often exist in the simplest of pots.

Pretty and carved, beautifully.
Ornate in design, shaped elaborately.

Fancy and fussy,with flowers and trim.
I cant wait to smell, what comes from within!

Oh, oh you caught me off guard,
oh, oh, I feel you are flawed,
Oh oh, you look so divine,
but oh oh, you're no friend of mine!

Perfume, you are , not appealing to me,
your like perfume, that is so flawed, 
you look like you are the part, but i was so wrong.

God in his infinite wisdom, 
created the inner man.
The best part of us,
 is not how we look, but of the flavor of hearts.

we're like perfume, hidden within,
fragile and delicate pots.
we're like perfume hidden within,
fragile and delicate pots.

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