Monday, 12 October 2009

New world..New Kingdom.

I was never very interested in religion. People assume religiosity is a given, when you introduce the fact that you are a christian. But this is not so. Too many harsh wars have been created by religiosity. My ideas of being a christian are simple. I Know-Jesus. He is my salvation from this life, corruption, and death. He gives me life, hope and love. I know my Father in heaven, has an ultimate plan and purpose for me in this life, and through his Spirit, I am able to accomplish it.

 My eyes have been opened to a new world. A new Kingdom, my first experiences of this world came years ago, when I realized that I did not want to live, unless I had something worth living for! I started to open my heart to God, hear his gentle voice and was guided by his spirit.
 I am a very visual person. I love colour and creativity. I was designed and created this way. So when I experience another piece of God, it is usually through visual form. I have dreams, I see visions, and I am blessed to see God in this way.

 I become very much like a little girl, watching a colourful cartoon when I see things of heaven in my minds eye. I am awe struck with the way God opens up revelations to me and teaches me about himself and his kingdom. I love sharing these times with others also, to help them see God in this way too.
 I used to run a lot. (before having my children) I used to put on some jogging clothes, drive to the beach where I lived in Wales, get out the car, in the crisp coolness of an evening and I would head toward the miles of flat sand. I always liked to go, when it was dark enough to see the moon. The wet sand would become like glass, and the reflection of the sky would be mirrored on the surface below my feet. I would be running on top of the clouds, towards the great round light of the moon. It was beautiful. I would run and speak with God and pour out my heart to him.

 One evening, the moon was low on the horizon and its reflection was as clear as crystal on the vast wet sands below. I stopped to take it in. I heard the voice of God speak to me. " Which is more real to you, the skies above or the reflection below?" I stopped to think, Knowing God never speaks without reason, I pondered on my reply. " I believe that the skies above are the reality and that the reflection below is mearly a reflection..but what are you trying to show me here God?"

 He answered, " My kingdom should become in your heart a reality. My world exists, parallel to your world, yet to you it is like a blurry reflection. I want my world, to become so crystal clear to you, that you have to question what is more real to you. Make yourself intimately acquainted with my kingdom, by spending time with me in heavenly places..this way, you will change your world into a clear reflection of heaven."

I have never forgotten that lesson. I came away, feeling like my mind had been blown away, to think outside of the box that we have been born into.
 It is like walking around with one eye shut. There is so much evidence, even in this life, of new realms of creation. Life under the sea is another world we have little understanding of, because we live above water. Yet, it doesn't stop all of that sea life and wonders of the deep existing! We are just unaware of it.
 Choose this day, to become more intimately acquainted with your heavenly Father,read of his word & let his spirit guide you into all truth. Let him show you his kingdom and life, which will cause you to walk in a very different way. Touching heaven and changing earth.

For a day in Your courts is better than a thousand [anywhere else]; I would rather be a doorkeeper and stand at the threshold in the house of my God than to dwell [at ease] in the tents of wickedness.-psalms

 O you who dwell in the gardens, your companions have been listening to your voice--now cause me to hear it.-song of solomon


Nili said...

Beautiful post, I also don't consider myself religious but rather in a relationship with my God and Savior. It's so much more real when it is personal. Thanks for sharing what God has spoken to you.


rebekah said...

thanks for the comment Nilli, I am glad you were blessed by it.



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