Tuesday, 2 June 2009

You weep and you smile.

Tears that fall,
Heart heavy.
Deep sighs- this is life.

Smile is faint,
Hide away
Isolation- in today.

There is hope,
but sadness lingers.
Life is tough-sometimes.

Another loss-another life.
The circle continues.
sadness & jubilation.

Weep with those who mourn,
Smile with those who smile
Life is rushing by.

Am I where I am meant to be?
or am I somehow lost.
have I drifted-unaware?

Life without a sense of purpose,
Seems utterly useless.

Come find me, heavenly Shepherd.
I can not see -for my tears.
I've lost my way, it seems

I need your staff to guide me home.
I want to be by your side.

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