Saturday, 10 March 2012

Enter his rest

Time to go to sleep my child,
I will meet you in your dreams,
time to lay aside your striving,
fall back into my arms.
Time to close your eyes,
I know how heavy they have been,
fall in to the beauty of surrender,
Release that sigh,
those heavy thoughts,
the worries and the wonders,
You dont need to know..
I will meet you in your dreams,
I bring all things to life,
it is I who have the keys,
not you,
So Rest.
In the light of a new day,
you shall rise,
with the strength I have given,
you shall come back from the grave,
with the love that I have spilled.
Your voice will start to sing,
like the bird at the break of dawn,
the hope that fills your heart,
will fill those that mourn.
from your rest,
with the best



Stace said...


Mimi :) said...

I do like this xX

Rebekah said...

Thanks Mimi- I have been feeling this is a new revelation of gods plan for us, as we rest in him, he does what needs doing, but it's hard for us to take our hands off the situations and trust him...but he wants us to :)

Kristy Quinn said...

I love this <3


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