Tuesday, 3 January 2012

The truth of it.

My desire is to make Jesus famous.
To bring him to life to those who may not know Him.
Or who may not know him as He really is.

I believe that many people think that God is only found in a church.
It is possible to find the presence of God in a church.
Yet I know that God can be found in the gutter,
In the poverty,
In the prison,
In the brothel,
In the heartache,
The mud,
The pain,
The blood,
The sweat,
The confusion,
The beatings,
The drunkenness,
The abuse,
The betrayal,
The anxiety,
The insecurity,
Jesus is the same yesterday, today and forever.
He did not come to be a doctor to the well,
But he came to the sick.
He died to bring you back to life.
He knows every word before it reaches your tongue.
Every thought,
Every motive..
He knows you.
There is no hiding from God.
He sees you.
He longs to re-connect with you.
He has been badly miss-represented,
The only way to really know him,
Is to seek him for you and find him.
In raw form,
Divine holiness,
Love beyond words,
 Let the truth cut through.
Selah- Think upon this. 


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Anonymous said...

Beautiful <3


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