Tuesday, 15 February 2011


 A friend of mine
Lindsey jones
was kind enough to offer her talent and took some cute pics of baby
Check out her work also here

Photos are a wonderful way of keeping memories fresh.
I love taking and looking at them.
Giorgia-Evie is growing so fast,
its good to have snapshots of her growth.

My iphone is good for quick snap moments.

Have a blessed week!


Laura said...

So precious!!!

Anonymous said...

How beautiful. I can just smell that wonderful baby smell (smiles) by looking at those!

Rebecca said...

Your baby is beautiful! You ended up with some really nice pictures & good keepsakes!

Julie said...

What a precious gift!! Congratulations. She is so beautiful!!

B said...

What beautiful photos! :)

I'm busy catching up on your blog. Looks like some wonderful things happening with your family and for your husband starting school.

As always I wish you and your family all the best!!


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